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Racer of the Month

Aaron "speeding-g60" C.
Name Aaron "speeding-g60" C.
Home Town Salem, OR
Team Speeding-g60
Class SC/Pro
Owner Aaron "speeding-g60" C.
M&H Tire Size 8.5/24.5-15
Vehicle(s) 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro
Engine 4cyl 2.0L IE 20v stroker motor
Crew Chief Joey Marstall, Shannon Hamlin, my wife Jessica, and Chub (my son)
Best E.T. 9.90 sec.
Best Speed 141 mph
Career Highlights 1st 4cyl AWD VW/Audi in the 9's in N America
One of only two 9 second Audi drag cars in N America
Fastest/Quickest 4cyl Coupe Quattro in the world
Fastest/Quickest AWD 4cyl VW/Audi in N. America
best run to date, 9.907 @ 141.44 with 1.49 60'. 0-60 in 2.4 seconds.
603 AWHP/438 WTQ with 32 psi.
Website http://www.speeding-g60.com
Special Thanks Kevin @ Lugtronic for the constant tuning help
Pete and Dave @ Integrated Engineering for engine help
Joey @ Double J Motorwerks, pit crew and engine building
Brian @ M&B Cylinderhead for my machinework
Justin @ Nubworks for lots of custom fab work
Marco and Nick @ A1CVTech for some strong axles
Shannon @ Badway Auto for tuning assistance and pit crew
John @ M&H for the hand-picked tires for this AWD drag car

my wife, who without her patience i would not be able to play in this arena