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Racer of the Month

Mario Thalheim
Name Mario Thalheim
Home Town Kleindittmannsdorf, Germany
Team S&M Racing Team
Class Public cars
Owner Mario Thalheim
M&H Tire Size 7.5/23.0-15
Vehicle(s) Opel Corsa A
Engine C20let 2,0l 16V Turbo 400 HP
Crew Chief Mario Thalheim & Sven Taggesell
Best E.T. 10,71 seconds
Best Speed 136.66 mph
Career Highlights *one of the best FWD Opel public race cars in Germany
*Racetrack Eurospeedway 1/4 Meile (05.09.2009) 11.00 seconds
*Racetrack Eurospeedway 1/4 Meile (19.09.2009) 10.71 seconds
*Racetrack Luckau (06.09.2009) 11.0 seconds

look at http://www.myvideo.at/watch/5669255 for more
Special Thanks S&M Racing Team members