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Racer of the Month

Jason Young
Name Jason Young
Home Town Buena Park, CA
Class Super Gas
Owner Jason Young
M&H Tire Size 6.0/26.0-15
Vehicle(s) 64 VW Bug
Engine 2221cc w/48 dellorto's VW 043 cast heads driven on california pump gas. 10.7:1 CR
Best E.T. 11.67
Best Speed 113 MPH
Career Highlights 11 second pass first time out with car, semifinalist in
PE, runner up at Drag Day
Website http://www.raceyoung.com
Special Thanks M&H tires, without you guys, I wouldn't be anywhere close to where i wanted. My family, for the support given. Matt Becker for getting me into this addiction,
Shawn Moore for help with the car and engine setup, Brothers VW Machine Shop for the killer work on the heads, The Berg family for the help at the track
and hospitality. To everyone else for making push more and more to make it faster.